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RERC-ACT Research Projects

Product Testing Laboratory (R1)

Timeline: Years 1-5 (2009-2014)

  • R1a. Systematic Evaluation of Commercially Available AT Devices: the design of protocols for evaluations of high-fidelity AT
    The Product Testing Laboratory (PTL) is a usability and usage lab designed to test existing, emerging, & new technologies engineered for and used by individuals with cognitive disabilities and to generate meaningful, comprehensive data on the usability, effectiveness, and product life capacity.
  • R1b. Iterative Product Design Testing by Using Participatory Action Research (PAR) Methods with Persons with Cognitive Disabilities
    For each of our Development Projects, a similar iterative process will be undertaken.  Developmental product usability testing will be conducted during development of each of the products under this grant.  Testing will be done by people with cognitive disabilities. Based on this, measurable performance goals will be established and usability metrics will be drawn up and employed for data analysis after testing is completed
  • R1c.Longitudinal and large-scale clinical trial with persons with CDs to determine factors that influence their use or non-use of AT
    There are many questions that are not addressed related to the abandonment, adherence, and retention of assistive devices used by persons with cognitive disabilities. To properly address these issues investigators will conduct a randomized prospective longitudinal trial with a large numbers of device users. This study will attempt to further develop and test the model of AT use/non-use developed for individuals with cognitive disabilities.

Participate in Product Test Lab research

Principal Investigator:
Greg McGrew, MEBME
Assistive Technology Partners

Patricia Heyn, PhD
Assistive Technology Partners

Shelly Elfner, MS CCC-SLP
Assistive Technology Partners

Matt Lanning, BS
Assistive Technology Partners

Cathy Bodine, PhD
Assistive Technology Partners

Brian Burne, MSM, OTR
Assistive Technology Partners

Marcia Scherer, PhD
The Institute for Matching Person & Technology, Inc.

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