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RERC-ACT Research Projects

Early Developmental Skills Acquisition and Socially Assistive Robotics (SARS): A Pilot Investigation of Effectiveness (R6)

Timeline: Years 1-5 (2009-2014)

Young children with major delays in early development require intensive intervention to reach key developmental milestones. To assist with this issue, we will investigate commercially available robots and adapt their design to a Socially Assistive Robotics (SARs) category integrating techniques from the field of Human Robotics Interaction (HRI). The robots will be adapted by RERC-ACT engineers and clinicians from commercially available, off-the-shelf toys paired with advanced sensor technology and controls systems (Socially Assistive Robotics) to facilitate early developmental milestones in children with significant delays in the areas of communication and movement.

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Principal Investigator:
Jim Sandstrum, MA CCC-SLP
Assistive Technology Partners

Patricia Heyn, PhD
Assistive Technology Partners

Brian Burne, MSM, OTR
Assistive Technology Partners

Shelly Elfner, MS CCC-SLP
Assistive Technology Partners

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Funding is provided by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research under the US Department of Education, Grant #H133E090003, the Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities and Assistive Technology Partners.

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